Need to secure your home, business or possessions, or maybe your personal security is a concern? We offer unique solutions to address these. Your decision to choose the best option for your home or business will affect you for years to come.

There are various considerations when designing an intruder detection system that is best suited to your requirements. Zone Security representatives are well versed in the design of these systems and various technical aspects of the equipment. However at the end of the day , the final decision is still going to be yours.

We install hardwired as well as wire-free systems to secure your property. These include indoor detectors as well as outdoor sensors for early warning. Our systems are also able to differentiate between humans and animals in order to reduce false alarms.

In addition to alarm systems we also install:

CCTV Camera Systems

Access Control

Intercom Systems

Gate and Garage Automation Systems

Electric Fencing via a partner company.